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1. n. [Geophysics]

Alteration of seismic data to suppress noise, enhance signal and migrate seismic events to the appropriate location in space. Processing steps typically include analysis of velocities and frequencies, static corrections, deconvolution, normal moveout, dip moveout, stacking, and migration, which can be performed before or after stacking. Seismic processing facilitates better interpretation because subsurface structures and reflection geometries are more apparent.

Synonyms: seismic processing

See: acquisitionamplitude anomalyamplitude variation with offsetautomatic gain controlbiasbrute stackcommon depth pointcommon midpointcommon midpoint methodconvolutiondepth conversiondepth migrationdip moveoutdynamic correctionembedded waveleteventfilterfrequencyheaderinterpretationinversionlagmigrationnormal moveoutpeg-leg multiplequicklookrandom noiseresolutionshort-path multiplesignature deconvolutionsinc xslant stackspace frequency domainstackstatic correctionthree-dimensional surveytime migrationtrue-amplitude recoveryvelocitywavelet extractionwork stationzero-phase