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1. n. [Drilling]

An inverted "U" shaped section of rigid piping normally used as a conduit for high-pressure drilling fluid. In particular, the term is applied to a structure that connects the top of a vertical standpipe running up the side of a derrick or mast to a flexible kelly hose that in turn is connected to another gooseneck between the flexible line and the swivel.

See: drilling fluidkelly hosestandpipe

2. n. [Well Workover and Intervention]

The assembly mounted on a coiled tubing injector head that guides the tubing string as it passes through an arc from the reel into a vertical alignment with the injector-head chains and wellbore. The radius of the guide arch is generally designed to be as large as practicable since the plastic deformation created in the coiled tubing string induces material fatigue in the tube.

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