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1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

Referring to mud weight, the mass per unit volume of a drilling fluid, synonymous with mud density. Weight is reported in lbm/gal (also known as ppg), kg/m3 or g/cm3 (also called specific gravity or SG), lb/ft3 or in hydrostatic gradient, lb/in2/ft (psi/ft) or pptf (psi/1000 ft). Mud weight controls hydrostatic pressure in a wellbore and prevents unwanted flow into the well. The weight of the mud also prevents collapse of casing and the openhole. Excessive mud weight can cause lost circulation by propagating, and then filling, fractures in the rock. Mud weight (density) test procedures using a mud balance have been standardized and published by the API.

Synonyms: mud density

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