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walkaway vertical seismic profile (VSP)

1. n. [Geophysics]

A type of vertical seismic profile in which the source is moved to progressively farther offset at the surface and receivers are held in a fixed location, effectively providing a mini 2D seismic line that can be of higher resolution than surface seismic data and provides more continuous coverage than an offset VSP. 3D walkaways, using a surface grid of source positions, provide 3D images in areas where the surface seismic data do not provide an adequate image due to near-surface effects or surface obstructions. Walkaway VSPs in which the receivers are placed just above the reservoir are gaining acceptance as a tool to quantify seismic attributes and calibrate surface seismic data.

See: offsetreceiversourcevertical seismic profile

Diagram of VSP configurations
Diagram of VSP configurations.