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drill-noise vertical seismic profile

1. n. []

A technique for acquiring a vertical seismic profile that uses the noise of the drill bit as a source and receivers laid out along the ground or seabed. In deep water, the receiver arrays can be deployed vertically. Acquisition and processing are typically more challenging than in the more conventional types of VSPs, but the technique can yield time-depth information and, less frequently, reflection information, while the well is being drilled. The information from a drill-noise VSP can be used to

  • improve time-depth conversions while drilling
  • decide where to set casing in a well
  • evaluate drilling hazards, such as anomalous pore pressure.

Alternate Form: drill noise vertical seismic profile

See: acquisitionnoisereceiverreflectionsourcevertical seismic profile

Diagram of a drill-noise or seismic-while-drilling VSP