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well shoot

1. n. [Geophysics]

A type of borehole seismic data designed to measure the seismic traveltime from the surface to a known depth. P-wave velocity of the formations encountered in a wellbore can be measured directly by lowering a geophone to each formation of interest, sending out a source of energy from the surface of the Earth, and recording the resultant signal. The data can then be correlated to surface seismic data by correcting the sonic log and generating a synthetic seismogram to confirm or modify seismic interpretations. It differs from a vertical seismic profile in the number and density of receiver depths recorded; geophone positions may be widely and irregularly located in the wellbore, whereas a vertical seismic profile usually has numerous geophones positioned at closely and regularly spaced intervals in the wellbore.

Synonyms: check-shot survey

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