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vinyl polymer

1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

A class of polymers constructed with the monomer ethylene, H2C=CH2, with hydrogen replaced by various chemical groups. Among the many vinyl-based polymers and copolymers are acrylates, methacrylates, acrylamides, acrylate-acrylamide (PHPA), vinyl acetate and the various oligomers of ethylene, polyalphaolefins, linear alphaolefins and isomerized olefins. The prefix "vinyl" is more correctly "ethenyl" and sometimes "vinylene." "Polyvinyl" is synonymous with vinyl polymers, but not specific to an exact polymer. For example, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl sulfide are commonly used polymers based on ethylene monomers.

See: acrylamide polymeracrylamide acrylate polymeracrylate polymeroligomerpolymerstyrenevinyl acetate-maleic anhydride copolymer