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1. n. [Geophysics]

A conveyance, such as a sled with runners or pontoons, used to transport geophysical gear to a location. Skids are commonly deployed in acquisition of seismic data in marshes or other areas of soft, soggy terrain.

See: acquisitionmarsh

2. n. [Drilling]

A steel frame on which portable equipment is mounted to facilitate handling with cranes or flatbed trucks. The skid is robust, is usually designed with attachment points for hooks, chains, or cables, and has at least two lengthwise beams to facilitate sliding the equipment into place on the rigsite.

Photograph of skid.

3. vb. [Drilling]

To slide the rig over, such as to move it from one well slot to another on a fixed offshore platform. This operation is accomplished by disconnecting the rigid attachments from the platform to the rig, and energizing large-capacity hydraulic cylinders that push the rig over greased steel skid beams.