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1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

Organic material having low solubility. Resins are usually large and complex polymeric molecules with noncrystalline structure and no distinct melting point or other definitive properties. Resins are used as additives to improve filter cake, provide lubricity or stop lost circulation as lost-circulation material. Resins are derived from plant sources (such as pine trees), some are residues of manufacturing processes and some resins are mined material.

See: bridging materialfiltercakegilsonitehardness ionion exchangelubricantpolymer

2. n. [Heavy Oil]

One of the four main components of petroleum, along with asphaltenes, aromatics and saturates (which include waxes). Resins, aromatics and saturates are also known as maltenes. Resin adds to the stickiness and viscosity of heavy oil.