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cyclic steam injection

1. n. [Heavy Oil]

A method of thermal recovery in which a well is injected with steam and then subsequently put back on production. A cyclic steam-injection process includes three stages. The first stage is injection, during which a slug of steam is introduced into the reservoir. The second stage, or soak phase, requires that the well be shut in for several days to allow uniform heat distribution to thin the oil. Finally, during the third stage, the thinned oil is produced through the same well. The cycle is repeated as long as oil production is profitable. Cyclic steam injection is used extensively in heavy-oil reservoirs, tar sands, and in some cases to improve injectivity prior to steamflood or in situ combustion operations. Cyclic steam injection is also called steam soak or the huff 'n' puff (slang) method.

Alternate Form: huff and puffsteam soak

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