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1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

A group of organic chemicals that are analogs of ammonia (NH3), in which either one, two or three hydrogen atoms of ammonia are replaced by organic radicals. General formulas are: (1) primary amines, RNH2, (2) secondary amines, R1R2NH, (3) tertiary amines, R1R2R3N and quaternary amines, R1R2R3 R4N+X (where X represents an anion). Amines are organic bases (mildly alkaline) and react with acids to form nitrogenous, organic salts. Amines made from fatty acids are emulsifiers and oil-wetting agents for oilfield chemicals.

See: amidesaniline point testbland coring fluidemulsionfatty acidoil-mud emulsifierquaternary aminesurfactant