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seismic modeling

1. n. []

The comparison, simulation or representation of seismic data to define the limits of seismic resolution, assess the ambiguity of interpretation or make predictions. Generation of a synthetic seismogram from a well log and comparing the synthetic, or modeled trace, with seismic data is a common direct modeling procedure. Generating a set of pseudologs from seismic data is the process known as seismic inversion, a type of indirect modeling. Models can be developed to address problems of structure and stratigraphy prior to acquisition of seismic data and during the interpretation of the data. As Sheriff (1991) points out, agreement between data and a model does not prove that the model is correct, since there can be numerous models that agree with a given data set.

Synonyms: modeling

See: acquisitionamplitude variation with offsetinterpretationinversionmodelresolutionsynthetic seismogramwork station