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1. n. []

A small-diameter tungsten carbide nozzle used in drill bits to produce a high-velocity drilling fluid stream exiting the bit.

Synonyms: jet mixer

See: bit

2. n. []

The high-velocity fluid stream produced by the nozzles in the bit.

See: bitbit nozzle

3. vb. []

To drill soft, unconsolidated, usually shallow formations by eroding the "rock" below the bit by hydraulic impact loading alone. Though not as common as in the past, a bit may be fitted with asymmetric nozzles, one large and two or more small nozzles. If drillstring rotation is prevented during this jetting operation, the different nozzles tend to cause greater erosion on one side than the other, allowing the well to be intentionally deviated.

See: bitbit nozzledeviated hole

4. n. []

A small-diameter nozzle used to mix cement.

Synonyms: jet mixer