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1. n. []

A linear, commonly concave-based depression through which water and sediment flow and into which sediment can be deposited in distinctive, often elongated bodies. Channels can occur in a variety of morphologies, e.g., straight, meandering or braided. In some areas, coarse sediments can fill channels of streams or rivers that cut through finer grained sediments or rocks. The close proximity of coarse-grained and fine-grained sediments can ultimately lead to the formation of stratigraphic hydrocarbon traps.

See: depositional environmentpoint barsedimentstratigraphic traptrapturbidity current

2. n. []

A device to carry data from a receiver to a recorder, such as from a group of geophones. Simultaneous recording of 500 to 2,000 channels is common during 3D seismic acquisition and 120 to 240 channels during onshore 2D seismic acquisition.

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