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high-specific-gravity solids

1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

Dense solids, such as barite or hematite, which are added to a mud to increase its density, also known as weighting material. The concentration of high-gravity solids in a weighted mud is measured by the mud engineer daily using mud weight, retort data, chloride titration data and other information. Solids are reported as lbm/bbl or vol.%. The specific gravity of water is 1.00, barite is 4.20, and hematite 5.505 g/cm3. Drill solids and other low-gravity solids are normally assumed to be 2.60 g/cm3.

Antonyms: LGSlow-specific-gravity solidslow-specific-gravity solids

See: material-balance equationmud reportretort solidsweighting material