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gel strength

1. n. [Drilling Fluids]

The shear stress measured at low shear rate after a mud has set quiescently for a period of time (10 seconds and 10 minutes in the standard API procedure, although measurements after 30 minutes or 16 hours may also be made).

Synonyms: ten-minute gel strengthten-second gel strength

See: clay-water interactiondeflocculantdeflocculated muddirect-indicating viscometerdrill solidsflat gelsfunnel viscositygelgelationgelled-up mudgelsguar gumHerschel–Bulkley fluidhydrometerhydroxyethylcelluloseMarsh funnelmixed-metal hydroxideprogressive gelsshear strengthshear-strength measurement testthixotropyVG meterviscosityweighting materialzero-zero gels

X-Y plot of gel strengths.
X-Y plot of gel strengths.