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1. n. []

A detrital grain between 0.0625 mm and 2 mm in diameter. Sand is larger than silt but smaller than a granule according to the Udden-Wentworth scale. Sand is also a term used for quartz grains or for sandstone.

See: arenaceousdetritalfairwaypaypoint barquartzsandstonetar sandUdden-Wentworth scale

2. n. []

A category of size used to describe particles in a mud that will not pass through a 200-mesh screen (74 micrometers and larger).

See: finessand testsilt

3. n. []

A generic term used to describe small formation particles known as fines that may be produced with the reservoir fluid. Sand production generally is undesirable and, if severe, may require some remedial action to control or prevent production, such a gravel packing or sand consolidation.