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1. n. []

The Oslo and Paris Commission, formerly known as PARCOM. The commission is a group of experts who advise North Sea countries on environmental policy and legislation. OSPAR has been influential in establishing North Sea legislation on drilling fluids that has served as the model for other operating areas. OSPAR has published lists of environmentally acceptable and unacceptable products, referred to as the "green," "grey," and "black" lists:

  • The Green or A list consists of products posing relatively little harm to the environment (specifically the marine environment). Examples include inert minerals such as bentonite, inorganic salts that are common constituents of seawater such as sodium and potassium chloride, and simple organic products such as starch and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).
  • The Grey List consists of products "requiring strong regulatory control" and includes heavy metals such as zinc, lead, and chromium.
  • The Black list covers products considered unsuitable for discharge and includes mercury, cadmium, and "persistent oils and hydrocarbons of a petroleum origin." The inclusion of hydrocarbons in the black list has been the driving force behind the reduction of oil discharges in the North Sea and elsewhere and has serious implications for the use of oil and synthetic fluids.

Synonyms: black listgray listgreen listgrey list

Alternate Form: OSPAR